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  • Lord O' Darkness

    I've been thinking about the galleries for the episodes lately. I think we should rearrange the images in the order they actually appear. That way the galleries tell the story for those who are just too lazy (or scared) to watch the episode itself.

    As for the character galleries. They each have two categories: general and episodic. I'm seeing a lot of episode-based pictures in the former, when they should be in the latter. So should either of these be rearranged or are they fine on their own?

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Mondo Media is scheduling feature films for three of their series. One of them is Happy Tree Friends, with a film slated for a release in either late 2015 or early 2016. I guess this is why the episodes are taking so long now. We all knew this was coming at some point. There are also plans for a Dick Figures movie sequel and a film for Deep Space 69. 

    Read this if you don't believe me

    In addition, Mondo also plans to appeal to kids - not just teens and adults - by teaming up with Spin Master (Bakugan, Air Hogs, etc).

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Character Kill-off

    November 28, 2013 by Lord O' Darkness

    If any of the main characters were killed off permanently and replaced by a new character, who would you prefer it to be? Personally, I say Toothy because he is the least developed.

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Flippy and Fliqpy

    February 1, 2013 by Lord O' Darkness

    I've done some thinking about the Flippy and Fliqpy articles and wondered if they should be separate. Since they appear in just about the same episodes and that Fliqpy is actually the same as Flippy, I thought we could merge the info on his evil side to Flippy's page. Therefore it's just one page.

    I can't decide whether to move the information to Flippy's article or leave the two articles be. Give me some suggestions on what should happen? 

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    This is a response to Quochuy's blog.

    If you were a Happy Tree Friends character, what would your species and personality be? If you have any fan characters based on you, they may count. 

    I'd see myself as a sloth bear with a big appetite. Maybe I should make that into a new character. I can also picture myself as my fan character Howdy.

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