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Top 10 Worst Deaths

So here's a top ten list of the worst deaths in the series (so far). I am likely to change it if any worse death comes on.

Anyways, let's see the nominees (in my opinion)...


Cuddles in Dunce Upon a Time

Cuddles learns why hiding in a gigantic pepper grinder is not a great idea. And he learns in a much more horrific manner than sneezing!


Russell in Idol Curiosity

It begins when a hook slices through Russell's abdomen and leaves him being dragged by his intestines across the water, on bumpy coral, and through a flaming hoop! And after that painful stunt, Russell is relieved he is okay...until he gets pulled into the water by the sinking ship and drowns.


Flaky in Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!

Not only does the cowardly porcupine ski down a steep mountain trying to dodge an avalanche, but her arm gets stretched, and she cries being forced to put her foot on a nail. And to top it off, her body gets gets diced by fence wires.


Toothy in Eye Candy

Toothy learns not to run with scissors (or lollipops in the case) when he trips over and it gets lodged in his eye socket. As he pulls, his eye comes out and the chord gets tied around a tree branch. It only worsens when a screwy woodpecker pecks his eye and Toothy dangles off a cliff by his chord. Just when it couldn't get any worse, his other eye and brain are pulled out.


Nutty in A Sucker for Love

It starts when a sign cuts off Nutty's tail and impales his back. Don't worry, he makes it to the hospital. On second thought, worry, because he makes it by getting run over by the ambulance and getting shredded by some road spikes!


Splendid in Gems the Breaks

Even though this is Splendid's only death in the series to date, it certainly leaves a mark on this blog. The powder from the kryptonut makes his skin peel off, followed by puking out his organs and making him EXPLODE!!!


Shifty in Sea What I Found

Covered in melting gold that slowly burns your whole body. Must I say more?


Lumpy in The Chokes on You

He chokes on a donut and makes a hole in his throat to save himself. He could have survived...had he learned to chew! But instead he had to burn his hand in the deep fryer, have The Mole roll over and cut it, rip it off, and get himself ripped to pieces by the conveyor belt. This is what you get for eating on the job and not chewing, Lumpy!


Petunia in Read Em' and Weep

After having her skin and tail ripped off by the demon, Petunia seeks shelter in the cupboards. Just when all is well, the creature's tentacle goes through a pipe and drags Petunia into it. As a result, her body gets mangled and distorted. What could make it worse? Only the garbage disposal!


Sniffles in Tongue in Cheek

After Sniffles' mind-control helmet malfunctions, the ants invent a whole new form of torture testing it back at him. They make him eat an apple with razors and put his tongue in a paper shredder. If that's not bad enough, they have him nail his tail to the ground and tie his shredded tongue to a canoe paddle. Sniffles is forced to cry as he twists the paddle around his tongue and snout. And when he lets go...the paddle rips out Sniffles' organs from his mouth...helicoptor style!

This clearly wins the gold metal as it was the longest death in the series to date. Only time can tell when/what the next #1 will be (or if any worse deaths come to replace the ones listed here)...

Honorable mentions

Here's some deaths that didn't quite make it to top ten, but were horrible enough to be listed anyways.

Being dragged across the ground by a train is bad enough. But having your back skin and tail shredded off, splattering on a wall, and having your eyes scraped off by a tunnel...

Giggles falls for Whistle's cuteness and gets her skin ripped off butt-first! If that's not bad enough, she was drowned and mauled at the same time!

Free falling from a plane without a parachute is bad enough...unless your face comes off and becomes the parachute. Well, at least he had a soft landing...NOT!! His parachute face rips off, he stumbles on some pointy rocks, and he gets hit by a giant plane wheel! Though this is nothing compared to the others.

Disco Bear enjoys his bath, when by chance, Lumpy impales his eye and pulls his organs through a pipe!

Why Pop couldn't just bring Cub to a real barber, I don't understand. He could have at least kept an eye on him before plugging in the razor that he was sucking on!

Well, that's my opinion of the top ten worst HTF deaths. If you have a different opinion - or if you want to mention your own honorable mentions - then leave a comment below!

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