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Wheelin' and Dealin'
Are they sure Lumpy's wheels are the wheels they want to steal?
Season: Internet Season 1
Episode: 8
Aired: February 18, 2000
Production Number: 108
Writers: Mark Fiorenza
Warren Graff
Rhode Montijo
Kenn Navarro
Director: Rhode Montijo
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Generic Tree Friends
Wheelin' and Dealin'01:43

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Happy Tree Friends - Wheelin' And Dealin' (Classics Remastered)01:23

Happy Tree Friends - Wheelin' And Dealin' (Classics Remastered)

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Wheelin' and Dealin' is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series, the eighth of the first season. This episode introduces Lifty & Shifty, the kleptomaniac raccoon brothers that will steal anything for a quick buck. It also introduces the Generic Tree Friends, a variety of animals used as background characters.

HTF Episode Description

It's off to the races in this episode of Happy Tree Friends! Start your engines and gear up to win, but watch out for Lifty and Shifty, as they'll do anything necessary to keep the lead.


It's a nice, sunny day at the races. Generic Tree Friends fill the stands. Our racers Lumpy and Handy are obviously prepared, but our newest pair of kleptomaniac Happy Tree Friend raccoons named Lifty and Shifty (Shifty being the one wearing a fedora) are not. It turns out their car is lacking tires and a steering wheel. As the two brothers complain about their unfinished kart, Lifty pulls out a screwdriver, meaning they're up to something.

When the light hits green, the brothers and Handy zoom off, except Lumpy, who realizes that his tires are missing. As Lumpy attempts to start his kart, the kart spontaneously combusts, setting Lumpy on fire, but not killing him. We cut to the brothers, where it is revealed they stole Lumpy's tires.

As Handy and the brothers speed down the road, the first turn arrives, only for Lifty and Shifty to realize they have no steering wheel. Handy laughs at the pair's misfortune, but, as he is laughing, the two steal his steering wheel. When Handy realizes what has happened, he gives "the look". While they make the turn, Handy slams into a parked ambulance and is cut in half when his kart runs underneath. His intestines fall out of his severed upper half.

Lifty and Shifty can see the finish line, tasting victory. As luck would have it, however, all four of their wheels fly off, causing their kart to fall on its side. As the kart continues sliding forward, Lifty and Shifty's heads are dragged along the asphalt, filing their bodies down. Finally, their kart comes to a stop, just missing the finish line. Lumpy suddenly appears, sliding along in his wheel-less, burned kart, claiming victory and leaving Lifty and Shifty in his dust. Then the iris closes on the dead Lifty and Shifty, where Lifty's only arm drops, and Shifty's only eye falls out of its socket, with the nerve still connected.


"Look both ways before crossing the street!"


  1. Handy's racer drives into a parked ambulance. His bottom half is cut away when his kart goes under the ambulance, and his intestines splatter out of his body and on the ground.
  2. Lifty and Shifty both die when their kart falls apart and slides on its side, scraping away half of their bodies against the pavement.


  • Lumpy's car explodes with him in it when he tried to start his engine.


  1. There are two goofs in the scene where the racers notice the ambulance:
    1. Shifty is missing his fedora.
    2. Handy has arms.
  2. When the wheels fall off Lifty and Shifty's car, Shifty's left arm disappears.
  3. At the beginning of the episode, Lumpy's steering wheel is black, but when the race starts, it has red and white stripes.
  4. After Handy finishes his car, his tail is absent for the rest of the episode.
  5. Merely screwing a wheel onto a car doesn't make it any easier to drive unless you actually do technical work on it.

Quick Shot Moment

After Lumpy's car explodes, there's a brief shot of Lifty holding a screwdriver. (This is fixed at Classics Remastered version from


  • The title of the episode "wheeling and dealing" means to look for something and use it to an advantage.
  • The title of this episode may be a reference to the 1957 John Coltrane, Mal Waldron, and Frank Wess jazz album of the same name.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Generic Tree Friends.
  • This is the first of many of Lumpy's jobs.
  • This is the first episode where a main character has a featuring role.
  • This is the first episode (and the only episode of the First Season of the Internet series) in which Handy dies.
  • As in this episode, Handy would later laugh at Cuddles' misfortune in The Wrong Side of the Tracks.
  • This is one of the few episodes were Lumpy's antlers don't change directions..
  • This marks Lumpy's first episode that he doesn't kill anyone or himself.
  • Lifty is responsible for every death.
  • This episode may also be a reference to The Final Destination as in the wheel's falling off and Lumpy's car on fire may be a reference when the car burns into the seatway 180.
  • As shown from the episode's storyboard, Handy's head was originally cut off by his cart's rear wing right after his body gets cut away.
  • There are no female characters in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to show guts.
  • This is the first and so far only episode where Handy does his trademark scowl because of something that has nothing to do with his lack of hands. Instead, he does it because Lifty and Shifty stole his steering wheel.

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