• Under the subscription box in Cuddles' channel is Lumpy, Nutty, and Disco Bear, having subscribed to him.
  • It is unknown why Giggles would favorite a video made by Disco Bear, especially when the video involves Disco Bear drinking with a cardboard version of herself.
  • Not long after the video's airing on YouTube, many Happy Tree Friends fans flocked to the usernames such as Cuddles, Giggles, Lumpy, etc. hoping to find real channels of the characters.
  • This is one of the few episodes were a character uses a desktop computer. Lumpy has used a laptop among other office devices in Wingin' It and Russell used a laptop in YouTube Copyright School.
  • This is the first (and so far only) time Cuddles survives a starring role episode.
  • On Cuddles' channel, you can see his age registered as "??".
  • The opening and closing music of this episode is the same opening and closing music of I've Got You Under My Skin.
  • This is the third episode that has only one animal throughout the entire episode, though Disco Bear is in the episode, he doesn't appear physically but in a YouTube video. The next two are Out on a Limb and Nuttin' Wrong with Candy. Also, in the former, though not seen, birds can be clearly heard throughout most of the episode which doesn't happen in this episode.
  • This episode somewhat hints us the fact that the episodes of Happy Tree Friends are connected, looking at how some of the pictures used for the videos are taken from another episodes (e.g. Sucker for Love).
  • Cuddles' favorite videos are "Happy Tree Friends - Every Litter Bit Hurts (Part 1)", "Happy Tree Friends - Valentines Smoochie", and "Happy Tree Friends - Holidazed and Confused".
  • Cuddles has 13 videos on YouTube, some being (Name, views, thumbnail)
  • Disco Bear has 35 videos, but only one video is shown "Giggles at the Malt Shop", that has 2,655,700 views.
  • On her channel, Giggles has two videos.
  • Two videos shown at the end in "Related Videos" use random videos with thumbnails of We're Scrooged!, using the same thumbnails Cuddles' "Happy Bunny Time!" videos have.
  • Similar to YouTube Copyright School, to a lesser extent, some fans disapprove that Happy Tree Friends was used for educational purposes and that the episode lacked blood and gore like the usual Happy Tree Friends fashion.
    • Unlike YouTube Copyright School, this video has a more positive reception, having 25,000 likes, and only 10,000 dislikes.

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